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Explaining an illness to a child, whether common or serious, is no easy feat. It’s something everyparent must do, but knowing what to say and how to say it, can be a huge challenge. Often, theysimply don’t have the medical knowledge needed to explain a disease and provide much-neededcomfort. This is where Dr Giraffe comes in.

With simple words and pictures, and grounded in medical truth, each book in the series tells a storyabout one childhood disease – ranging from common ailments to rare conditions. To mum and dad’srelief, Dr Giraffe can do what they perhaps cannot: help young patients make sense of what they aregoing through, in a way that is clear, medically accurate, and (no less importantly) pleasant to read.

Our vision

The Dr Giraffe series is an entirely self-funded, not-for-profit initiative. The library so far has been created thanks to the enthusiasm and generosity of each of our contributors, all of whom believe that the Dr. Giraffe library fulfils a real need for parents and children all over the world.

Our team

  • Created, illustrated & designed by

    Rejane Dal Bello is an award-winninggraphic designer and illustrator, witha great range of iconic design casestudies to her name. Her designhouse Studio Rejane Dal Bello createsbranding and visual identities fornational and international clients,especially focusing on the corporate,arts and culture and non-profit sectors. rejanedalbello.com
  • Medical strategy by

    Stefan Liute is the co-founder andstrategy director of Storience, abranding agency that helps brandscreate positive social impact. He alsoco-founded digital agency Grapefruit,creating digital user experiences tomake people’s lives easier. A formermedical doctor turned strategist, hethinks business, technology, andhumanity can find a way to co-exist. storience.com
  • Words & story by

    Jayshree Viswanathan is a copywriterand poetry lover, who crafts wordsand ideas for commercial brands.She has also collaborated with artsorganisations, small businesses, andfilm production houses, helping themfind the best words for their creativeventures. A lifelong dreamer, she’s afirm believer in the power of creativity,especially for good. jayshreeviswanathan.com
  • Supported by

    Marjan van Mourik and Paz HolandesaHospital, a non-profit children’shospital in Arequipa, Peru. Brandingfor Paz Holandesa was sponsored byStudio Rejane Dal Bello, and is stillongoing. As hospital founder, Marjanis devoted to this unique designcollaboration and continues to inspireand support its development. pazholandesa.com