Half-halfAbout Cleft Palate


A little giraffe with a cleft lip and palate goes in search of her other half. But she finds bringing two halves together is not as simple as she first thought.

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Half-Half is a story about a cleft lip and palate. By the time children with this affliction are old enough to understand stories, they should have already have been treated for it – but this doesn’t always happen. Sometimes the treatment or recovery for a cleft lip/palate takes time, or is only addressed in late childhood, making it a difficult and emotional experience for young patients. Half-Half explains that it is not just about bringing two halves together, but also about restoring self-confidence and self-belief.

Created & illustration: Rejane Dal Bello
Words & Story: Jayshree Viswanathan
Medical Strategy: Stefan Liute






4 colour process


EN (978-94-6345-241-0), NL (978-94-6345-204-5), FR (978-94-6345-242-7), PT (978-94-6345-243-4)


English, Dutch, French, Portuguese