Mr DotAbout Chicken Pox


When an unexpected visit from Mr Dot results in the chickenpox, Little Giraffe goes to some surprising lengths to make him leave.

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Mr Dot is a story about chickenpox, known medically as varicella. Although it is a mild and common childhood illness, chickenpox can be a difficult experience. Young patients have their daily routine disrupted and their appearance dramatically changed, even if only for a short time. Mr Dot lets them know that what they are experiencing is just temporary, and that they need to be both patient and careful until Mr Dot and his friends decide to leave.

Created and illustrations: Rejane Dal Bello
Story and words: Jayshree Viswanathan
Medical strategy: Stefan Liute






Two colour litho


EN (978-94-6345-238-0), NL (978-94-6345-202-1), FR (978-94-6345-239-7), PT (978-94-6345-240-3)


English, Dutch, French, Portuguese