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The Dr. Giraffe series is an entirely self-funded, not-for-profit initiative. Everyone involved with the projectso far has donated their time, creativity, and resources free of charge to bring the series to life – as webelieve that our library fulfils a unique and pressing need for parents and children everywhere.

Each book has been carefully researched and written to make sure it is medically accurate, while also being sensitive and engaging for our young readers and their families.

To continue writing, researching, and printing new titles (e.g. pneumonia, diabetes, AIDS) we need continued support and investment. This is where you come in: you can make a one-off donation, or become a patron to ensure Dr. Giraffe has consistent funding.

Our ultimate aim is to create a book to cover childhood diseases around the world, and translate them into every language. With your help, we can make this ambition possible.

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Help us cover our costs with a one-off donation to the Dr Giraffe series.
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Marjan van Mourik

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Consider becoming a patron by making a regular donation to Dr. Giraffe. Your continued support will allow us to keep writing and producing new titles in the series, so we can provide support for even more children and their families.

Please contact:
Marjan van Mourik